Creative Ways to Make the Window Look Wide

If your house has a size that is not too large and a small window, do not be discouraged. We will not give tips on how to make artificial sunlight into a room with a small window, but we will provide a way to get around the small window to make it look wide. How can? Don’t be confused, just look at the tips from us below.

The first strategy, try installing a curtain pole that is longer than the window size because this method is smart enough to make the window look wider. If you happen to paint your wall and window frame white, also attach a curtain with a white cloth.

After making curtain poles that are longer than the size of the window, you can form curtains with sizes that are certainly larger than the actual window size. Close the curtain pole using a small curtain, then coat it again with a long curtain that is almost on the floor surface. If you want to replace your window, you can visit replacement windows Houston.

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