3 Initial steps to deal with angry customers

Doing business is not just how we serve customers at the beginning they come. But also included when they left and even returned. And not infrequently, when they return, they will give us criticism that is quite “spicy”. Their dissatisfaction can provoke anger and it can endanger our business. Especially when we are not smart to set the situation and make them calm and happy again. The first 3 steps to deal with customers who are angry with this win-win solution can we do. The goal is of course so that the customer feels heard, cared for and valuable. In the meantime, you can visit our website if you’re looking for simple 1300 numbers.

Step 1 – Strategy

How do you make a strategy?

Build your goals in interacting. What results do you want?
Get to know our parameters. What can we give directly or request approval from the boss? What can’t we give because it clashes with company regulations or business reasons?
Prepare identification of common problems and win-win solutions.
In this step, your strategy must provide a win for the company and for your customers. If you succeed, your customer will survive, meet customer expectations, and provide a positive experience for your customers so that they will continue to make purchases.

Step 2 – Recognition

This is very useful for customers who are furious, by using sentences:

“I understand your feelings”,


“I apologize,”

“I understand why you feel that way.”

In this way, the customer will feel heard and appreciated because we have mixed our feelings and put ourselves in the customer’s position.

Step 3 – Clarification

Sometimes we make mistakes by thinking about what the customer is saying. In this step, we need clarification to the customer regarding the information submitted by the customer as a sign that we understand what is conveyed by the customer. An example sentence from this step is

“What I catch from your point is … Is it true ?”,

“Please explain more about …”,

“What do you want from the incident?”