Consider these before you build a beachside house

Building a house on the beach is not the same consideration by building a house in the middle of the land or even in an altitude area. If you are one of those who is obsessed with building a house on the beach, consider the following. Meanwhile, visit if you’re looking for the excellent beachside houses and villas in Lombok.

1. Usually, people who build a house on the beach, want a beautiful view of the water and feel the gentle sea breeze. So, the type of stage house is the right choice. The stage model will also protect your home from high tides from typhoons. Don’t forget to install storm shutters in the house window.

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2. Do you want to have a spot to look at sea water? Try making a terrace or wooden deck. To keep the atmosphere calm, install awnings, umbrellas, or sun sail. Airflow with the ceiling fans. Make an open kitchen on the patio or deck. You can have fun there with family or friends.

3. Let you easily get in and out, install a sliding glass door. Let the breeze blow through the wide open window. If you feel insects will come in, just install screened porch.

4. Consider providing a guest bedroom. Of course, if there is room for partitioning in your home.

5. Because your house is on the beach, you will often step on the sand. To keep your house clean, install an outdoor shower near the house to wash your feet.

6. Make a house design that will facilitate the wind and light into all areas of the house. Make a private deck or balcony for each bedroom. Don’t forget to install the ceiling fans in each room so you don’t need to install air conditioning.

7. For the exterior, use weathered wood that resembles a driftwood or just paint with bright colors. Your life will surely feel bright every time you look at that favorite house.

8. Complete your home with thin curtains and other casual furniture. Paint the walls of the house in pale blue or green. Your house will look really integrated with the beach.