Tips before getting B1 level exam

Before you book your test date on , it is important for you to understand of the test that you are about to take firstly. It is likely careless to book the taste date while you have no idea with the test at all. Although you feel confident enough with your skills, it is still recommended for you to study the test. It is much easier to deal with the question that you have studied once than never. There are a lot of the test names which frequently confuse people that are not familiar enough with this matter.

There is a useful framework which may help you to break up your confusion on numerous names of the test. Many people consider CEFR as the reference of level of the tests. Basically, it is a European framework that groups the existing tests based on equivalent levels. Thus, people are more flexible to take an option out of numerous names of the test. In example, English skill test at B1 level is possible to take in some options such as Grade 5 or Grade 6 of GESE or ISE I. You can choose between the typical questions of GESE or ISE based on your preference. You can decide based on which you like mostly.

After having decided your option of a certain test, it is time for you to understand of the characteristics of the test. It is possible for you to look up the tips from the previous participants. At this point, you are going to find a description more clearly.

Based on your surrounding people’s experiences, you can take some conclusions related to the things that you have to do and you do not have to do. As the result, you are supposed to work on the questions more conveniently and more confidently.