Three Ways You Have To Do To Take Care Of The Chainsaw You Have

Everyone, of course, has a saw in their house, whatever type of saw they use and store, they still have to take good care of it. one of the chainsaws that are definitely owned by many people is electric chainsaw motor smoking. There are many uses of the saw and make many people interested in having it.


However, the thing that should not be missed is how to take care of the saw so that it can last a long time and work well. Especially chainsaws that are susceptible to damage, there are several ways you have to do so that the saw can last a long time. Some of the methods in question are

1. Directly cleaned after use,
The saw blade and all parts of the machine are well cleaned after use because the remaining material that is still attached can trigger damage. In addition, when it is immediately cleaned, when the next morning when it is to be used again, it is only attached to the machine. It doesn’t take too long to clean up first so that the working hours of the results are more efficient.

2. Store with plastic wrap first,
Saw blade and wood cutting machine as a whole should be stored in a plastic bag first. Do not cover the plastic but wrap it, so that the whole machine is protected by the plastic. The goal is to avoid the risk of a broken or knocked saw and make a serious injury to the culprit. Certainly dangerous if you just put it without protection or safety even if it’s just plastic.

3. Give anti-rust liquid to the saw blade,
Provide anti-rust liquids at home that can be purchased at the hardware store or building materials, and give this liquid to the surface of the saw blade. Because even though it is often used and sharpened if it is not given a protective layer of rust it is guaranteed corrosion will still attack. Try to routinely be given this liquid, at least once a week and do not have to be washed thin enough to save. The result is the saw blade is always shiny and the sharpness is durable.