How to install the window frame

To put a window on a wall, which is by installing a frame for a residence is made of wood or metal. The wooden frame provides a warm and beautiful appearance from the texture appearance of the wood fibers it has, has good heat insulation value and is generally resistant to the influence of the weather. This type of frame can be in the form of factory products that have been finished with paint coating, coloring or still in the form of real wood without coating. Metal frames are different from wood, metal frames can be made of aluminum, steel or stainless steel (stainless steel), the natural color of the metal can be covered with a coat of paint and properly maintained to prevent corrosion. Meanwhile, don’t hesitate to hire a trusted windows installer as well.

How to Install a Window Frame

Prepare enough equipment and ingredients in a safe and accessible place.

Stretch the thread as wide as half the size of the brick from as bow plank.

Install a half-stone brick as high as the window sills.
Stretch the yarn as high as 2 meters from the billboard.
Install window sills as high as the thread.

Install the window sills until they are really upright with striking help.

Install the skid so that the position is stable and strong.

Check the window frame position again until it is installed in the correct state.

Clean the place around it.