Think Twice Before Making The Decision To Move The Job More And More

Going to for the online job application but make sure it will be the right decision you ever make. One way that employees often do to improve their career is to move to another place. In a new place, employees are usually able to get better positions and higher salaries. Moving too often will also have a negative impact on your career. What are the disadvantages that you can face if you change jobs too often?

Hard to get promotion

According to a study conducted by Professor Matthew Bidwell from Wharton Management, candidates who are withdrawn from outside the company usually have less good performance than employees who have worked in the company for a certain period.

Hard to believe

Your work history that likes to move jobs can backfire badly for your image in the office. Co-workers and even superiors will find it difficult to trust the credibility you have in the company. They are reluctant to invest the time and energy to teach you new things for fear that you will not return to work in a short time.