The simple way of understanding the backlink

Backlinks or Backlinks are links from other websites clicked by visitors so they stop by your website. The more backlinks you have, the more you TOP your website, and then Google will also glance at your website as a popular website and your website rank will rise. On the other hand, you can also go to if you’re looking for a reliable SEO service company.

But be careful with the backlinks that you have, the number (quantity) of backlinks does not necessarily make your website on the first page of Google. Because Google also assesses the quality of your backlinks.

Backlinks can be likened to gossip. If you are often gossiped about by people, then you will become famous. If those who gossip about you famous people (artists, officials, rulers) you will become more famous. But the problem is whether the quality of gossip is positive or negative. Of course, we want to be positively rumored. Therefore, sometimes there is something to pay reporters for gossip. Or some even pay a conflict-making agent so that the news gets excited everywhere.

Just like a website, if your website has links (links) everywhere that point to your website. Means your website has become a reference or reference whether it is good or so bad or your website is well known. The more links outside that point to your website, then Google will consider your website good and then Google puts your website in the first position of Google. This is called backlinks, how many links your website has on other people’s websites.

However, Google also takes into account the quality of backlinks (read also: Juice Link), if the website (website) has a link on porn sites, then Google will consider the quality of the backlinks to be low because it does not connect. So be careful if you want to spread your site links to other people’s sites.