Tips for storing your items in your house

Everyone must have a secret, as well as home. You can apply this ‘secret’ design concept to a house that is not too wide to look neater without the slightest blemish. The average new housing only has a building area of less than 150 square meters. That means you must be more creative to make use of the remaining space to store items. Meanwhile, don’t forget to consider hiring the self storage services, if you want to store valuable pieces of furniture for a long time.

Curious about how to make it happen? Here are some ways you can try:

You have to admit that the collection of toiletries is getting more and more, plus the stock of liquid soap and shampoo as supplies. Well, this clever way you can copy by making a shelf behind the bathroom glass.

Book cover containing secret items

The best way to hide something is to put it with an optical trick. Rows of books located on this bookshelf do look normal. But once you see the contents behind it, you will realize that the page has disappeared and changed storage.

Take advantage of a table in the family room

Children’s toys that are increasingly mounting will make mothers find it difficult to find an all-in-one storage place. Therefore, just conjure a table in the family room into a large drawer that can load a bunch of baby toys.

Make the foyer space function more maximal

Before you are ready to go out of the house, you will usually tidy up the makeup on the glass located in the foyer or room to welcome guests. You can put a secret room behind this glass to store items such as beauty accessories.

Versatile drawer behind the sofa

Maybe you have a table to put some photo frames and a lamp behind your couch. If so, then just use the hidden space to store items such as magazines and books.

Hide important documents

Minimalist horizontal sofa chairs (bench) are very suitable for use as storage locations. You just have to make a space below it to store a variety of work documents that are important if you don’t want to sacrifice a bookshelf in your home.