Three Easy Steps to Take Care of Your Granite Countertops to Stay Durable and Shiny

Countertop granite is now the choice of many people. The material is solid and not easily damaged while creating a luxurious impression. Countertop granite is also considered more durable and more attractive appearance. Various elegant color combinations and vein displays are available on countertop granite. Not only boxes, but countertop granites also have a variety of oval or round character shapes. Dallas Granite Countertops is one company that provides services for installing countertop granite. Because, this type of table is not easy to install or make yourself, must need experts.

For those of you who have countertop granite, it is not difficult to treat it. Even so, not only wiping, but routine maintenance is still recommended so that the countertop lasts longer and the appearance does not fade. Here are some ways to treat granite countertops:

– Clean spills or residual sticky residues on the table first.
Move all items and objects on the table. This will make cleaning easier and keep out of range when cleaning it. Cleaning is done with a cloth that has been moistened with warm water so that dirt or liquid sticks can be lifted.

– Combine warm water mixed with a little soap
This combination is needed when cleaning sticky and sticky food scraps. Sticky foods are harder to clean than drinks. To make it easier, use warm water then give liquid soapy water. After that, rub it on the sticky food.

– Clean the table surface with special cleaning fluid
Use a liquid containing a balanced pH so as not to damage the granite table surface. Special granite cleaning liquids can be purchased or made by yourself. Or you can contact the Dallas Granite Countertops to help care for your granite countertops. If you want to make your own cleaning liquid, mix dishwashing liquid and alcohol in a 3: 1 ratio then put it in a container, mix well and be ready for use.

That’s three easy steps in cleaning countertops granite. If necessary, you can use a white washcloth to detect how dirty your table is.