What You Need to Know About Broad Band and Its Types

Is it too boring using a slow dial-up connection? Or do you feel bored can only wait and wait for your browser to display web pages that you want to see on the internet? Tired of feeling resentful, upset, and must continue to get angry every time you access the internet using a dial-up connection? Are you familiar with satellitt bredbånd?

Well, maybe it’s time you are looking for an alternative internet connection. Connections that can satisfy your desires and satisfaction. With so much entertainment and fun that you can get on the internet, be prepared to always wait and wait if you still rely on a dial-up connection. Then, what is the alternative solution? Broadband is one of them!

Why is broadband? What is the specialty? With broadband, you can enjoy fast internet access. Just like dial-up, broadband also uses a telephone line. Somehow, broadband offers a much higher speed than dial-up.

So many needs to surf such as streaming, downloading videos and even watching cable TV cause, not a few people who then look for a place that provides wifi services. However, before you determine which place you will take to be able to enjoy the satisfying internet and cable TV packages, you must first know the broadband used. Basically, there are 3 types of broadband, namely:

● DSL or digital subscriber lines that are transmitted over the telephone network without having to interfere with the service from the telephone.

● Cable modems that are generally bundled with cable TV services.

● Fiber optics: Currently, internet services that use broadband residential provide the fastest internet not only for internet but also for telephone use and even for streaming video and movies simultaneously with a stable speed.

Because of these advantages, Indosat Ooredo provides GIG internet services with a stable speed of up to 1 Gbps. With high speed and stability because the use of optical fiber makes you do not need to hesitate to stream on the channel that you subscribe to cable TV more freely. Even with a stable and high network that you can adjust to your needs, you can use it to play online games.

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